Q. Where do you find your images?

A. Various sites on the internet and user submitted material. We do not own the copyrights to most of these images. If you find your image on our site and wish it taken down, please CONTACT US (in the footer) and we will remove it immediately. We want to give you the credit for your image. We will always credit our source if we know where it came from. Email us and we will add a credit and a link to whatever site you would like to promote your work on. The information will always be show with that wallpaper.

Q. Why is the wallpaper smaller than the resolution says on my screen?

A. When you “Click to Expand” the image will enlarge to your screen size and no larger. This is for people with smaller screens that may not see the entire image or only a fraction of a very large image. Though it seems smaller than the resolution says, if saved, it will save at the resolution size.

Q. Why don't you guys have more wallpapers?

A. Our site has a higher standard than most sites. We focus on high quality wallpapers. If an image has massive blurring, noise, pixelation or generally looks like crap, it will not make it on our site. We personally screen every single image. While this takes more time than just having a bot grab images, the quality of images is far superior than that of most wallpaper/scrapper sites. This site was started in late February, 2011 so we're relatively new. We upload more images daily, even on holidays.

Q. How do I save the wallpapers?

A. If you're on a PC, right click on the image and choose "Save As" from the drop down. If you're on a Mac, secondary click on the image and choose "Save As" from the drop down.

Q. I submitted an image days ago, why hasn't it been added to the site?

A. If it's been more than 48hrs and your image has not been added to the site, it's because the image didn't meet all of the requirments stipulated on the upload page.

Q. Can I upload wallpapers to the site?

A. Yes, there is a link called "Upload" at the footer of every page.

Q. How can I advertise on ThePaperWall?

A. Send an email via the "Contact Us" section of the site.

Q. Do you guys build websites? I'd like to get an estimate for my own site.

A. Yes, we do. You can reach us either in the "Contact Us" section of the site or email us at "".

Q. Why is your site so awesome?

A. Because it is.


Q. Why is the search feature not getting exactly what I want?

A. The search function will place your search in parenthesis. This means it will search for everything you type, exactly as you type it. This only exception to this rule is pluralizing. If you search for Jet, you will receive the same results and you would if you had searched Jets, and Visa-Versa. If you try to search Nissan Skyline, nothing will appear. Try to be broader. Use Skyline only or Nissan only. Start looking for specifics then broaden your search. Try The Lord of the Rings, if that doesn’t work try Lord of the Rings. Also, looking at the keywords will give you a better idea of how to search.

Q. How does the "Refine Your Search" feature work?

A. The Refine Your Search feature will appear only after something is already searched for in the general search field at the top right of every page. This feature is to help narrow your search results. For example, if you were to enter "Sunset" in the search field, the site would give you hundreds, if not thousands, of results. If you wanted to see wallpaper that have "Sunset" AND "Lake" you would use the "Refine Your Search" button. This feature will give you the option to search a specific category and resolution as well. You may enter up to two additional keywords, though neither are actually required.

Q. Can I search for special types of photography?

A. Yes, the tags provided in the images have taken some forms of photography into account. Here is a list of all the various types: BW will search for black and white, stereographic, minimal, colorful, dark, night, bokeh, tilt-shit, gif, detail, night, timelapse. Try using these keywords or others you can think of with your search. If we're missing any types of photography, please let us know and we'll work on it for you.

Q. Why are some wallpapers not showing up in the search?

A. Some wallpapers are not tagged because they are defined by the category they are placed in. Let's say, for example, you type city into the search and the site yields only a few results. Because there is already a category named cityscape there is no reason to tag the images inside the category with the word city, it would be redundant. The tags we place on the images are only confined by our knowledge, which in some instances is limited. If you find an image that is not tagged correctly, or not tagged at all (because we didn't know what to call it) please let us know what it should be tagged and we'll fix it.